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Energy Savings

Saving energy and resources isn’t a marketing or PR move to make Southern Homes to look good. We do it because we care.

We care about our city, state, and planet that we call home. We’re doing our part to avoid doing anything that would harm it. Southern Homes is well on it’s way to becoming ISO14001 certified which is a strict, cross-industry set of standards for companies who wish to minimize their environment impact. One of those standards is zero landfill waste that is produced from making a home.

We care about our customers; the homeowners.┬áLess waste in production of a home saves the company money, which saves the customer money. Our homes are already built standard with many energy saving features such as quality insulation and seals around the windows and doors. With a few additional features and third party inspection, any Southern Home can be Energy Star Certified. These features turns into monthly utility savings and increases the resale value of the home. Homeowners care about those kind of things – so we care.