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Our Team

Although there are many positions and job titles at Southern Homes, every team member carries the same vision: to produce top quality homes with emphasis on customer service and total customer satisfaction. We refer to our staff as a team, because there are many different roles that are all crucial individually, but also need to work together closely to ensure a quality home is delivered.

Over 1,000 different products and materials are put into an average Southern Home. From the solid American steel used for the main supports of a home to the kitchen faucet, and even materials that we don’t see such as the insulation in the walls and in the roof cavity – all are carefully considered for quality and purchased for each home. We have team members that account for those materials needed, purchases them, and makes sure that they are in place and available for the building team as they construct your home. Architects and engineers gather insight for what types of homes are wanted in the market, and they work diligently and meticulously to create floor plans that not only meet code and are structurally sound, but provide a comfortable living space for the customer.

On any given day, if you walk through the production portions of the Southern Homes building facility, you’ll see over 200 hard-working men and women. Each team member in each station have specific roles in constructing a home and pay attention to the details in their work. They say that you have to spend 10,000 hours doing something to become an expert at it. Our building team is full of experts who have successfully completed their tasks time and time again. You can rest easy in your new Southern Home knowing that the folks that built it know their stuff!

Quality Control
As the building process is taking place, there are supervisors, managers, and quality control team members walking the stations to make sure that every task is completed with care and excellence. Plumbing and electrical systems are checked. If a problem is spotted, it’s addressed.

The sales team is the face of the facility. Each Market Development Manager (MDM), coordinator, and manager are knowledgable about the vast selection of available homes. They can listen to a customer’s requests and dreams for a house, and come up with a solution that will blow them away. Is there a small budget? Do they have children? Pets? There is one particular Southern Home that is right for the customer, and the sales team can help them to find it. Find your closest retail center to get your dream home started today.